Episode 8

Bringing the party without the alcohol with Amanda Thomson

Published on: 1st June, 2022

“You’re not going to learn when you win as a sports team, you learn when you lose, and I think that’s the truth, however painful it is.”

A successful entrepreneur and founder of Thomson & Scott and creator of Noughty, home to the best alcohol-free sparkling Chardonnay and Rosé wine around, Amanda Thomson has a story to tell, tips to share and a goal to permanently change society’s relationship with alcohol. From breaking the rituals around drinking and relaxation, to campaigning for transparency in alcohol labelling, hear what Amanda has to say on the drinks industry - and why cheaper is not always worth it.

The multi-talented businesswoman also reveals her personal journey to being fitter and happier. She talks about the steps she put in place of alcohol to deal with her own work-related stresses to help improve her physical and mental wellbeing, and the many benefits she’s found in moderation, from clarity of thought to no more dreaded hang-xiety.

In this podcast, Amanda talks openly about how one simple word courted controversy with her low-sugar wines, landing her with a court case, and how those lessons learned might even have helped with the launch of Noughty. She shares the things that bring her joy and what exactly is broken in the drinks industry that needs to be fixed.

Read out more about Noughty at https://noughtyaf.com or follow @noughtyaf and @thomsonandscott on Instagram. 

This week’s non-alcoholic drink of choice is provided by Caleño’s non-alcoholic spirits, infused with the sun-drenched flavours of Colombia. You can find Caleño on Instagram @celenodrinks or visit: https://calenodrinks.com/

The Joyful Drinker with Ellie Webb is produced by Buckers at Decibelle Creative, find her on Instagram: @decibelle_creative and here: https://www.decibellecreative.com/

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